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Yesoul Spinning Exercise Bike Factory


The factory of YESOUL smart spinning bike is located in Quanzhou, China. As one of the few factories in China that only focuses on the production of spinning bikes,the annual output of YESOUL is 500,000 units, and the annual output will exceed 1 million units in the future.From research and development, design, production,quality control, etc. All of them are the top level of China's spinning bike factory. We have a large hardware design team, electronic information technology R&D team, and software development team.Because of focus, so Yesoul is professional. YESOUL factory will continue to work hard towards the world's most professional spinning bike manufacturer

Yesoul Exercise Bike Super Factory

YESOUL, A specialized manufacturer and supplier of indoor cycling bike in china , With many years of OEM product production experience, a strong technical research and development team, with a variety of uniquely designed indoor bike styles.

Yesoul Received 100 Million In Financing By Xiaomi

Yesoul Received 100 Million In Financing By Xiaomi

Yesoul has recently completed a series A financing of over 100 million yuan. This round was led by Xiaomi Group, followed by Shunwei Capital and Zero2IPO Venture Capital, and TEM Capital and Phoenixtree Capital as a financial advisor of this round. With the investment of Xiaomi Group, Yesoul has officially become an ecological chain enterprise under Xiaomi.


with attractive design and good quality and get good feedback.It’s a reputation we are proud of.


In terms of team, YESOUL has more than 500 employees, of which R&D personnel account for about 40%.


Premium Quality

Our commercial-grade equipment is made with modern designs and techniques for effective fitness gains. It’s also built to last, even with hundreds of uses each day.

Exclusive Price

Stocking and restocking has never been simpler. With an exclusive rates, our equipment will keep your visitors coming back for more at a nominal price on your part.

Marketing Support

Stay up-to-date with our latest products, and get pre-made marketing materials, including the product images, videos, and even catalogues

Shipment Guarantee

Our warehouse and staff are fully equipped with efficient logistics operations & damage-proof packaging skills to prevent any damage or delays during shipment.


YESOUL has an app R&D team and coaching team with more than 100 people. We can quickly upgrade and iterate the app version. At the same time, we also have a unique lesson teaching system, which enables our users to conduct scientific cycling training in a pleasant atmosphere. To achieve the desired training effect, Yesoul currently has a Chinese and English version of the app, with operation interfaces in English, German, Spanish, Russian, etc. We live broadcast 3-5 lessons on the app every day, and has a large number of cycling lessons that can be accessed at any time, at the same time, we also have real-life cycling courses around the world, allowing users to ride at home immersive.

Yesoul Sports APP

High-definition riding vision, experiencing better

Through YESOUL Sports App, you can enjoy beautiful scenery of China, Japan, New Zealand and Canada at home. Download the Zwift app on your phone, connect YESOUL bike to your phone via Bluetooth, and enjoy games that make your exercises more interesting and motivating.

Yesoul Sports APP
Yesoul Sports APP

Train on your time, your way

Access thousands of classes like strength, stretching, yoga, outdoor running and more from your phone, tablet, TV and web browser.

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