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Yesoul V1 The Best Exercise Bikes For Your Home Gym

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Yesoul V1 smart exercise bikes are designed to help you get fit faster, build strength and improve your cardio endurance. A spinning bike made with a sturdy triple reinforced steel frame, the heavy-duty, 50-pound flywheel is built to support up to 330 lbs of weight. Our 3 piece crank system offers a smoother and quiet ride, while enhanced cushioning reduces impact on your joints. Find your pace in a program that adapts to your needs, whether it be fitness testing or low impact recovery, workouts will always be tailored specifically for you. The integrated lcd monitor puts all the tools you need at your fingertips, displaying real-time data including speed, time, distance and calories.

connectable device

smartphone, tablet,bluetooth 4.0 and above

bracket placement size

max.width 260mm

software support version

ios, Android, and Android 5.0 and above

kind of drive

belt drive

power support

button battery(mold no.CR2477)

weight limitation


rated max.loaded


net weight


gross weight


flywheel weight


floor space


Packaged Size



Smart Spinning Bike

Tournament luxury version, more professional and better.


● Germany Red Dot Award

● 100-speed Magnetic Control

● Star Private Training Group

● Interactive Live Class

Fitness circle aesthetician,
strength certification by authoritative institutions.


YESOUL V1 stands out among 5000+ entries.

Enjoy Professionalism Without Leaving Home To Enhance The Riding Experience At Home.

Keeping up with the standard of commercial-grade fitness equipment, it is equipped with a fever-grade rear-drive flywheel, one-piece plastic-dipped handle and a strong magnetic resistance system, allowing you to enter the race riding state in one second at home, and feel the super belt at any time.

Simulate a cool road race, and the control performance is unmatched.

Equipped with YESOUL strong magnetic induction system, supports 100-speed resistance adjustment, and realizes constant speed and constant resistance control through eddy current; professional rear-drive flywheel structure + 3-axis transmission force, sprinting and braking, advancing and retreating at will


Commercial Strong Magnetic System.

4500 Gauss strong magnetic induction, no physical friction, smooth and silent riding, resistance rises and falls evenly.


3 shaft transmission system.

Double flywheel + belt pressing pulley operates in conjunction, effectively avoiding slippage and running smoothly without setbacks.


YESOUL's exclusive fitness app, with a large number of sports courses, live coaching, training plans and cycling communities, etc., start a hot fat-burning journey anytime, anywhere, exercise is fun and effective.

Pick A Coaching Group In A Hundred, Professional And Outstanding.

YESOUL's exclusive fitness app, with a large number of sports courses, live coaching, training plans and cycling communities, etc., start a hot fat-burning journey anytime, anywhere, exercise is fun and effective.

Professional Coaches Face To Face, More Efficient For Training Fat Burning.

The excellent YESOUL coaching team, including its own certified coaches, excellent athletes, and talented hosts, brings you professional and fun courses every day.

The Real-life Mode Is Free To Ride The Scenery Of The World's Highways.

One-click to open the real scene mode, you can adjust the mountain/road/seaside, integrate cycling into life, show different sports charm, feel real and enjoy life.

Variety Themed Party Class, Riding More Burning, More Addictive.

Themed queuing courses are launched irregularly every week, integrating pop culture elements such as DJs/bands/performances, bringing a highly entertaining carnival riding experience and feeling the super-burning atmosphere of bicycles.

The Fat Burning Data Can Be Seen In Real Time, Every Transformation Is Amazing.

The YESOUL APP will follow your state changes in real time throughout the whole process, from resistance to heart rate, to calorie records will be presented one by one, to ensure the effect and colleagues will not forget to protect your fitness safety.

Naturally Silent, Do Not Disturb Neighbors, You Can Practice Boldly In The Middle Of The Night

The upgrade of the magnetic resistance system makes the riding style pedal frictionless, and naturally no noise is generated. Even in the dead of night, you can ride sweat and burn fat freely, and accompany you to quietly stunning transformation.

Yesoul's Fitness Is 1㎡, Adding More Taste To The Square Inch.

Dip plastic dumbbells,anaerobic coordination, more efficient fat burning.

High resilience cushion, soft and breathable, no pain when sitting for a long time.

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