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The Best Way How To Sell A Treadmill

The best way to sell a treadmill is to have a clear understanding of the product and its market

You need to know why people would be interested in buying your product and what makes it unique. If you can't answer these questions, you won't be able to convince anyone else that they should buy it either

Once you've figured out what makes your treadmill special, you need to find the right audience for it. You can do this by identifying who will benefit most from using your treadmill and where they hang out online. Then, create a marketing plan that targets this audience with content that will make them want to buy your treadmill instead of someone else's

When you're ready to launch your campaign, make sure that all of your marketing materials are professional-looking so that potential customers don't think twice about purchasing from you instead of another company

Here are some tips for how to sell treadmill

1. Do your research on the marke

Before you start selling your treadmill, it is important that you know what the market can offer and what people want in their treadmills. This will help you determine what price point will work best for your product and give you an idea of what kind of features customers might be looking for. You should also think about who your target audience will be and where they would likely buy their treadmills from (online or offline)

2. Get rid of any clutter in the room where the treadmill will be displaye

The room where you plan on selling your treadmill should be clear of clutter and furniture so that customers can see all sides of the machine at once without having to move around anything else first; this will increase sales potential because it allows customers to get a better feel for how well-built different models are based on their design alone (without having to worry about tripping over something).

3. Make sure the treadmill is plugged in, and that it is turned on

4. Go to the settings menu and select "General" from the options

5. Enter your user name and password, then click Log In

6. Click "Sale" under the "Sell" heading on the left-hand side of your screen. If you don't see this option, contact your gym's customer service representative for help finding it

7. Select "Sell Treadmill" from the drop-down menu at the top of your screen and click Next

8. Enter your customer's information into each field that appears on screen (including their email address) then click Next

9. Enter any information about the treadmill itself (such as its model number) into each field that appears on screen then click Next

10. If you're selling online, keep in mind that pictures are worth a thousand words! Take a bunch of high-quality photos of your treadmill so that potential buyers can see exactly what they're getting. Don't forget about lighting and background

There is no way you can learn how to sell a treadmill from one article. You must set your mind and try. You can't change this industry only with your mind. But, you must be smart enough to overcome it. These days, the market competition is much more than we have imagine. It is having different kinds of products for the end users.

how to sell a treadmill

Hot Products We Have For You

Yesoul PH5 Smart Treadmill


  • Rated voltage:220V
  • Rated max.loaded: 110kgs
  • Motor power: 1.0HP
  • Folded size:1545*618*288mm
Yesoul 32-inch Screen TVS3 Smart Spinning Bike


  • Screen size: 32inch
  • Rated max.loaded: 120kgs(264.55lbs)
  • Certificate:CE
Yesoul S3 Spinning Exercise Bike


  • connectable device: smartphone, tablet,bluetooth 4.0 and above
  • Rated max.loaded: 120kgs(264.55lbs)
  • Certificate:CE/ROHS/REACH
Yesoul S3Pro Spinning Exercise Bike


  • connectable device: smartphone, tablet,bluetooth 4.0 and above
  • Rated max.loaded: 120kgs(264.55lbs)
  • Certificate:CE/ROHS/REACH
Yesoul S3Plus Spinning Exercise Bike


  • Screen size: 21.5inch
  • Rated max.loaded: 120kgs(264.55lbs)
  • Certificate:CE
Yesoul M1 Spinning Exercise Bike


  • connectable device: smartphone, tablet,bluetooth 4.0 and above
  • Rated max.loaded: 120kgs(264.55lbs)
  • Certificate:CE
Yesoul V1 Spinning Exercise Bike


  • connectable device: smartphone, tablet,bluetooth 4.0 and above
  • Rated max.loaded: 120kgs(264.55lbs)
  • Certificate:CE/ROHS/REACH
Yesoul V1Plus Spinning Exercise Bike


  • Screen size: 21.5inch smart touch screen
  • Rated max.loaded: 120kgs(264.55lbs)
  • Certificate:CE/ROHS/REACH
Yesoul C1H Spinning Exercise Bike


  • connectable device: smartphone, tablet,bluetooth 4.0 and above
  • Rated max.loaded: 120kgs(264.55lbs)
  • Certificate:CE/ROHS/REACH
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Yesoul PH5 is an awesome treadmill for complete workout. The revolutionary smart design is powered with AI technology that makes every workout smooth and autonomous. Of course, you can train yourself by running at different speeds and calibrating your heart rate as well.

Rated max weight


Net weight/Gross weight


Speed range


Treadmill platform size


Treadmill track size


Rated power


Rated voltage


Motor power


Expanded size


Folded size


Packaged size




Home easy sports, get in shape.


● Easy storage

● Noiseless

● Spacious runway


Run at any time Running without delay

Many vehicles, bad weather, inconvenient to the gym, safety problems if running at night... PH5 intelligent treadmill makes running free from environmental problems,can running at any time without delay.

Speed contraol ring Simulate locomotive braking

Innovative burning-power ring design, simulates the locomotive control mode, with left-hand start and stop, right-hand speed regulation, 0-12km/h stepless speed control, interesting interaction by one touch,safe and efficient.

Fun live action run Enjoy scenery at home

Real scene route presentation, immersive running, restore the outdoor running feeling, bring an immersive running experience, and see the global beauty without leaving home.

Simple design appearance Blends home in naturally

Integrating the four design concepts of aesthetics, mechanics, practicality and durability,created by combining simple lines with light and thin shapes, integrated into the modern home style with simple white gray color matching naturally.

Be stored with one hand Notebook Folding Design

One piece installation free, out of the box, notebook type opening and closing, full fit folding design, one hand operation, 35kg machine weight, girls can also easily lift, storage is not difficult.

Lightweight and easy to fold Slim machine fits anywhere

The foldable design combined with the smooth roller, makes it easy to move. You can easily push the bottom of the bed and sofa, instantly invisible when not in use, and release more living space.

61.5CM running platform Free running as you like

It adopts a 615mm wide running platform design and a 1200*450mm spacious runway, which meets the provisions of the national standard GB 17498.5. The 110kg load-bearing makes it possible to shake off the arm without restraint when home used.

Flexible damping Best running and protect knees

The multi-layer high elastic running track has been tested and verified by thousands of experiments. The running belt can effectively absorb the impact of running, and the feet feel comfortable when landing, as if stepping on the clouds, to better protect the knees.

Occupies less than 1㎡ Free up more living space

Yesoul takes "1 ㎡ home fitness" as the design concept. Its simple and clean appearance is naturally integrated into the home environment. The open and close folding design covers less than 1 ㎡ and frees up more space.

Exquisite craft


Motion data at a glance.


Stop when it falls off.


Convenient storage

Factory Introduction Video

Yesoul Spinning Exercise Bike Factory


The factory of YESOUL smart spinning bike is located in Quanzhou, China. As one of the few factories in China that only focuses on the production of spinning bikes,the annual output of YESOUL is 500,000 units, and the annual output will exceed 1 million units in the future.From research and development, design, production,quality control, etc. All of them are the top level of China's spinning bike factory. We have a large hardware design team, electronic information technology R&D team, and software development team.Because of focus, so Yesoul is professional. YESOUL factory will continue to work hard towards the world's most professional spinning bike manufacturer


YESOUL has an app R&D team and coaching team with more than 100 people. We can quickly upgrade and iterate the app version. At the same time, we also have a unique lesson teaching system, which enables our users to conduct scientific cycling training in a pleasant atmosphere. To achieve the desired training effect, Yesoul currently has a Chinese and English version of the app, with operation interfaces in English, German, Spanish, Russian, etc. We live broadcast 3-5 lessons on the app every day, and has a large number of cycling lessons that can be accessed at any time, at the same time, we also have real-life cycling courses around the world, allowing users to ride at home immersive.

Yesoul Sports APP

High-definition riding vision, experiencing better

Through YESOUL Sports App, you can enjoy beautiful scenery of China, Japan, New Zealand and Canada at home. Download the Zwift app on your phone, connect YESOUL bike to your phone via Bluetooth, and enjoy games that make your exercises more interesting and motivating.

Yesoul Sports APP
Yesoul Sports APP

Train on your time, your way

Access thousands of classes like strength, stretching, yoga, outdoor running and more from your phone, tablet, TV and web browser.

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